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Mission Statement

The mission of is to provide logistical support for gleaning, harvesting, transferring and distributing food to people in need.

Volunteers get a high ROI (Return on Investment) due to high visibility into the results of their volunteering. For example, a volunteer who participates with a glean will be notified when the produce they gleaned is portioned and distributed, without any action required by the glean team leaders. keeps track of all the details and sends all the emails, automatically.

If you need help or have ideas for improvements, please send an email.

Site Organization

Teams and Distributors are the primary organizational units for people. Gleans, Harvests and Transfers are how food items are tracked.


Each member of a Team has a role. Volunteers are initially assigned a role of "member". Team members can be designated as "leaders" by members with role "admin". Team leaders and admins can take action on Gleans and Transfers such as approving, starting and stopping.

How To Start A Team

Signed-in users can create a Team. Teams are approved by website support. The creator of a Team has the role "admin". Click here to start a new team.

How To Suggest A Glean

Signed-in users can suggest a Glean. Gleans are approved by website support and assigned to Teams by Team leaders or admins. Click here to suggest a new glean.

How To Create a Distributor

Signed-in users can create a Distributor. Distributors are approved by website support. The creator of a Distributor has the role "admin". Click here to create a new distributor.

How to Get Help

You can request help by sending email to Sam Corl at

Workflows supports a variety of workflows around gleaning and free food distribution.